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Product Finder Seevice

We offer both fully developed products or a findingroduct finder service you. Whether it's an eBook,  Paperback, Audio book, Video Course or 10 week Training Course. If you don't see it on our site, email us and if we  

haven't got it we can look to develop one specifically for you.

Beyond the Pages: Our eBook Projects

See the eBook, Paperback and video course projects we have coming soon or have planned.

Copy Writing Service

In addition to all the other products available on the site, we also offer a copywriting service, whether its  for an advert story, product description or blog . All we need is a brief list of the ideas or topics you would wish to be included and we will write the copy for you. You can review it and suggest add or amend it before receiving the final version.

In Stepping Into the Light, author Stephen Lane draws on his own experiences with life events to guide readers through proven methods for managing stress, anxiety, and life's inevitable challenges. Combining psychological research with relatable wisdom and a compassionate understanding of how difficult asking for help can be, Stephen offers actionable techniques to start silencing the inner critic, overcoming negative thought patterns, strengthening relationships, finding purpose in the midst of hardship, and infusing each day with greater peace and meaning.
While recognizing that life often kicks us when we're down, the book emphasizes that there is always light ahead if we know where to look. Through practicing mindfulness, self-care, self-compassion, and small daily rituals, Stephen provides a path for rediscovering personal joy and resilience, even during the darkest of storms.

Stepping Into the Light

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